“I’m a lover of good food, also love trying out new recipes (eating)…I heard about Pristine Culinary School from my neighbour and also saw the amazing things she was producing, I couldn’t wait, so I rushed and enrolled immediately… In the long run…I have improved mentally, spiritually and skillfully…the confidence is top-notch…I want to say a big thank you to my role model Chef Lucky Agogo…🙏 May God continue to bless you, for your patience and understanding plus support.”

Chef Rozier

“My Mother was a cook, from her i learn how to cook, my Dad is also a cook, now you see I’m from the family of cooks, but I don’t just want to be a cook, I want to be a professional chef, so this faithful day my Elder sister went to a salon in Berger quarry to make her hair, so a lady there was sharing the experience she had with pristine catering School as she is one of the old student, my sister asked for thier address, and now I’m a chef in making not just a chef but a good chef in pristine catering School, I’m learning more than I imagine, for Diploma course we learn Local dishes *pasties and bakes continental dishes and more, and we aren’t just be empower with cookery skills but spiritual growth and wisdom knowledge understanding shared by chef Lucky Agogo…. So you are welcome to enroll your children or yourself, Pristine catering school is currently running a promo for all courses… You can call them on 08036506693 or 07053385848 Thanks…”

Chef Mercy

“As a Chef the Bedrock of your journey to Excellence in your Cookery career solely depends on the Strength and Quality of your Foundation, When your Foundation is a shaky one, you can only do but little

That is why as a recommendation, I bring you PRISTINE CULINARY. It is a home where Professional Chefs, Waiters and Hospitality Managers are made, and will help you bring to actualization your dream of becoming an Executive Chef or even a Gourmet, or a Hospitality Manager.
Myself is a Testimony. Having almost no knowledge about cookery and the Hospitality Industry, I enrolled as a student, and today I’m one of the best Chef’s out there, Doing exploits in the field.
PRISTINE CULINARY equiped me with materials needed to take my carreer flight, Materials I couldn’t have been able to afford. Got me ready and prepared for the Cookery world

Chef Nicatara

“In 2022 ,I took one of the best decisions of my life, then I was a teacher but of course I needed a more regular income that I could add to my normal monthly salary, till a friend told me about pristine culinary catering school . yes!🫑i never regretted taken a step. Today am not just a cook but I am a professional trained chef. I am happy I made the best decision.,all thanks to my sponsors , all thank to pristine culinary catering school mpape Abuja.”

Chef Billy

“Becoming a chef is not just a recent dream, but a childhood dream. When I was a child my dad used to call me captain cook, you can see that’s was where the journey of becoming a chef began. I got to know about pristine colinary school through my uncle, he discussed about my passion of becoming a chef to his friend who told him about pristine colinary school. That pristine is the place where I will get the best of knowledge when it’s comes to becoming a professional chef, I enroll for diploma course immediately. when I first got to school, to be honest I thought that I won’t get the best of me, but I was marvelled with the school curriculum and the personality of chef Lucky Agogo (big thanks sir). With diploma in catering and hotel management, If I got the best out of pristine I recommend pristine colinary school to anyone who he or she is aspirin of becoming a pro chef.”

Chef Joy Ade

“Pristine is not just a culinary school but a home to some of us,it brought out the Best in me mentally, culinary and otherwise.Chef Lucky Agogo is a mentor,a free spirited human,give pristine catering school a test today and see what you will become in 6months time,my life got better here and I must say God bless you Sir Lucky Agogo ♥️”

Chef Rossie

“All my life I never dream of becoming a chef,but through a friend of mine who is also a chef from pristine culinary school I started to get into cooking. I must say that I’m enjoying the process behind cooking because pristine culinary school is a better place to learn and my most happiness is that I’m learning from the best. ”Chef Lucky Agogo” a man with wisdom and fear of God…(08071474297).”

Chef Finie 

“I can’t stop thanking pristine for bringing the best out of me , and my biggest thanks Gos to a brother from another mother who introduced me to pristine catering school at first I ask myself how are my going to know this work but to my biggest surprised my been to pristine culinary catering school was never invan ‘ALL THANKS To Mr LUCKY AGOGO “

Chef Favour 

“To the glory of God, I’m where i am today because i stood on a strong foundation called PRISTINE CULINARY CATERING SCHOOL Where anyone can be a professional in the field of catering. I use to be a very very shy person but through pristine catering school who brought out the boldness in me, I can stand anywhere in the kitchen without fear. More wisdom to Mr lucky Agogo who was able to know my weakness brought me out of it,now I can teach others without fear, and now am studying hospitality management in federal polytechnic Bida . Think of becoming a professional, think pristine. With pristine ur catering foundation is firm .”

Chef Praise Samuel