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Single Platter

1 samosa
1 spring roll
4 puffs
1 peppered strict meat

Small Event Combo

25 samosa
25 spring rolls
50 puffs
25 peppered stick meat

Medium Event Combo

50 samosa
50 spring rolls
100 puffs
50 peppered stick meat

Large Event Combo

100 samosa
100 spring rolls
200 puffs
100 peppered stick meat

Lunch pack for 10

10 spring rolls
10 samosa
30 puffs
10 peppered stick meat

Large single Platter with beef

2 spring rolls
2 samosa
3 puffs
1 peppered stick meat

Large single Platter with chicken bite

2 samosa
2 spring rolls
3 puffs
1 chicken bite

Rudiments of Practical Cookery

This book contains theory and more of practicals in areas like knife skills, kitchen workflow, local dishes, Russian, Spanish, Japanese,  Chinese, Italian, Lebanese, Israeli, indian and other intercontinental dishes. As a Masters degree holder in this field, the CEO, Mr. Lucky Ijale Agogo has practically put together all you need to be a successful cook nationally and internationally. The book is very affordable. Check the price and place order.